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Full Time:
$54,021.00 - $54,021.00 Annually
Minimum Education and/or Experience:

The formal education equivalent of a bachelor’s degree in biology, zoology, botany, or a related field; plus three years of experience in biology, wildlife management,  or a related field. Additional requirements determined by the agency for recruiting purposes require review and approval by the Human Resources Chief.

Preferred Education and/or Experience:
Master Degree in Fisheries Science and/or Management plus a minimum of three years’ experience working for a state or federal Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation Agency or an angling-related Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO). Experience with black bass management and interest in black bass angling. Experience and training in communication and public involvement techniques in natural resource management.
Knowledge, Abilities, and Skills:

Knowledge of the principles of biology, ecology, and related environmental sciences.

Knowledge of methods and techniques of scientific testing, data collection, and analysis.

Knowledge of the effects of pollution on plants, fish, animals, and human life.

Knowledge of fish/wildlife management programs, including propagation, cultivation, and harvesting techniques.

Knowledge of wildlife/fish management laboratory techniques, equipment, and procedures.

Ability to communicate in oral and written forms.

Ability to make public presentations.

Ability to conduct scientific wildlife and/or fish surveys/studies, analyze and evaluate collected data, and prepare written narrative reports of findings.

Ability to direct, coordinate, and maintain wildlife and/or fish management programs.

Ability to operate and maintain fishery and wildlife equipment.



Preferred Knowledge, Abilities, and Skills:
Strong in creative thinking. Must be knowledgeable about and interested in bass fishing. Must be skilled in technical and non-technical writing. Must be knowledgeable in fish population dynamics and common fisheries management techniques. Strong in program development and evaluation. Must be comfortable and skilled at interacting with angling constituents, person-to-person, and in a variety of formats of communication, including public presentations to social media. Must have solid science-based approach to problem solving. Must be comfortable with high-profile status within the sport-fishing community. Must be articulate and well-mannered. Must work well in team and partnership situations. Must understand when leadership or support is needed. Must be able to lean on a tailgate and talk to bass anglers.
Postion Location:
City: Negotiable
Office: Hot Springs Regional Office
Division: Fisheries
Job Summary:

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission (AGFC) Biologist Program Specialist is responsible for the management and life processes of fish, wildlife, and their habitats; collecting and analyzing biological data; and, specializing in fish and wildlife research, management, husbandry, and/or habitat management. This position is governed by state and federal laws and agency policy.

Typical Functions:

Provides program and project supervision by developing program curriculums, monitoring facilities and personnel, and coordinating program maintenance and protocols.


      Makes recommendations on management, regulation, and planning of fish and wildlife   

      populations and habitats, consulting with stakeholders and the public at large to explore



Studies characteristics of fish and wildlife, such as population dynamics, life histories, diseases, genetics, and distribution.


Prepares collections of preserved specimens or microscopic slides for species identification and study of development or disease.


Implements state and federal preventative programs to monitor and control fish and wildlife diseases and invasive, exotic species.


Disseminates information by writing reports and making presentations to schools, clubs, interest groups, and agency administration.  


Promotes hunting and fishing through a variety of outreach programs.


Directs the operation and maintenance of various public lands, waters, and/or fish propagation facilities, based on program management plans.


May testify as an expert witness in legal proceedings.


Performs other duties as assigned.   



Specific Duties and Responsibilities:
This is a supervisory biologist position with oversight of the AGFC "Black Bass Program" (BBP) in the Fisheries Division. The Black Bass Program leads a statewide science-based effort to support District Fisheries Biologists in all issues associated with managing black bass fisheries in Arkansas and oversees a number of programs targeted for bass anglers and tournament organizers. The BBP supervisor oversees an Assistant Black Bass Biologist. Together, the BBP works with District Fisheries Biologists to execute the strategies stated in the "AGFC Reservoir Black Bass Management Plan" ( as well as assisting with the execution of the strategies detailed in a new "Smallmouth Bass Management Plan.” The BBP has recently worked with and focuses on issues such as trophy bass management via optimization of the agency’s Florida Bass stocking program, research on survival and contribution of various sizes of stocked Florida Bass, reservoir habitat analysis and enhancement, and assisting with hosting a bass angler forum. The BBP emphasizes partnerships with bass tournament organizations and is currently working to increase and improve communication and outreach with bass anglers across the state.
Certificates, Licenses, or Registrations:


Special Job Dimensions:

Frequent in-state travel required.

Other Specific Information:
All applicants subjected to a criminal background check.

As an equal opportunity employer, the Commission will make any reasonable accommodations necessary to ensure equal employment opportunities.